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The world is changing and we all know. But the world is changing rapidly, in an extreme pace.
Internet + Social Media + Smartphone + Free-wifi
Back then, if your friend is pregnant (in a good way, after marriage) If she is your great close friend, you might receive a call from her, hearing her joy and excitement about this great news. If she is your not so close kind of friend, you might only get to know when you see her with her 4-5 months pregnant mode or already carrying the baby or lucky enough you're invited to the full moon party. But now you'll know it instantly, when you turn on your FB or Instagram. The amount of likes and comments from your friends will push the post to your feed.
Currently I'm on a business trip with my dad, as I'm working and learning in his business. So I met his suppliers and listening to their conversation. They are the baby boomers, and it is interesting to hear about their views about life. Most of them are from the really…

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