The world is changing and we all know.
But the world is changing rapidly, in an extreme pace.

Internet + Social Media + Smartphone + Free-wifi

Back then, if your friend is pregnant (in a good way, after marriage)
If she is your great close friend, you might receive a call from her, hearing her joy and excitement about this great news.
If she is your not so close kind of friend, you might only get to know when you see her with her 4-5 months pregnant mode or already carrying the baby or lucky enough you're invited to the full moon party.
But now you'll know it instantly, when you turn on your FB or Instagram. The amount of likes and comments from your friends will push the post to your feed.


Currently I'm on a business trip with my dad, as I'm working and learning in his business.
So I met his suppliers and listening to their conversation. They are the baby boomers, and it is interesting to hear about their views about life.
Most of them are from the really poor background when they were young but now their life is changed, they are free from worrying about what to eat, where to stay, what to drive and so on.
Sometimes they are worry because they can't make the same amount of money like back then (before 2010) and of course worry about their children's future.

They somewhat know that the future is gonna be tougher, because it's gonna be more competitive as the old industries are mostly monopolized by the giants, new industries only has limited space for the winners. They cannot see the middle ground, like their era you just have work hard so you can be better off something. But they realized nowadays the youngsters do not want to work, and they don't know what to do. The older generation, they eat just to live. This generation, they live to eat, but after eating too much, they find no point to live. Everything seems pointless and purposeless, so some of them committed suicide.

This generation, we are the [i] era, we have much higher self-interested than our parents.
Maybe we never have the feeling of lack of food, lack of finance (if we are more contented), lack of time (we feel it when we need start to do things last minute)
Back then people don't take photo alone, people take photo when they go to amazing place or met memorable people. There is no #selfie
Now as long our little photo in the frame that can hard fit more than 2 person, is liked. Our day can consider productive, or we feel that we've lived through the day.
I feel that we are kinda pathetic, really.

Some people even post photos wishing their Grannies yet their grannies are not on social media, expressing their gratitude and feeling to their grannies but their grannies will never know until they die. So we are expressing gratitude or we are telling people that we are actually a grateful person.

The future is unpredictable, or it can be said predictably scary.

Something I think will happen in the future (or now already) :
1. Lack of Food (due to climate changes too frequently so harvest is bad)
2. Pricey Food (not because of Organic, it is because of labor cost is getting higher, every farmer needs a smartphone and able to pay for internet)
3. Weird Food (Rich people eat meat, Poor people eat bugs and worm)
4. Weapon Legal (As long the insecure rich demands, the greedy governments approve)
5. Capito and Districts (Filthy-Free-Rich vs Slaved-Restless-Poor)
6. E-birth certificate/I.D. (All babies to old people need to be registered online, since photo and thumbprint can be updated through smartphone)
7. One-Currency (Internet Currency)
8. Less Languages (English/Chinese/Translates)
9. Life-E-Tattoo (Your Life on Internet will be permanent and you've no right to remove them) 
10. Physical School still exists for the purpose of the future generation learning to Social Face-to-Face

The world seems kinda hopeless, but doesn't mean it has no hope and purpose to live.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. [Roman12:2]

What the world teaches or encourages you, maybe you really gotta rethink.

This generation actually has greater opportunity to do greater things than ever before!
Only YOU can make the change in this timeline of the history.

Numbers of meaningful things for you to do until you die :
1. Be a healthy (heart, mind and body) individual can impacts family, family impacts society, society impacts country, country impacts the world!
2. Build/Fix a happy family (resolving family conflicts, anchoring it with LOVE)
3. Spend your money as a blessing (branded companies don't need your blessings, but the poor and lack needs)
4. Don't just do charity once a year, do it everyday (think of how can you bless the community in everything you do, by not littering, by not being mean, by not being selfish)
5. Sharing life with your friends (not through updating social media, but talking to them about your life, because life impacts life)
6. Involve in government (not just mere talk, but really serving in the government sector, the future of the country surely need new generations to power it up)
7. Meet new friends from different nations and culture (widening your world)
8. Continue to search about the purpose of your life

If you are reading this and you still wanna do something about your life,
and YOU are the THIS GENERATION because you're still breathing and living this life now.

Always live bigger than yourself,


Getting married! Buy or Rent a house!?

Have you been seeing beautiful condos building up in KL in these years? Yeah! You wish to own one right?

Wait a minute, what's the purpose of owning a property? To live in it? And security of course! Let's count!

Just check out the west side one, amazing stunning condo! Are selling at 730k right now! 900+sf. Woohoo! You gotta have 100k on hand to get the doe payment and s&p sorted out, exclude furnitures o yeah! Of course installment, with the 4.2%, it's a monthly rm3213, for 30 years and this house is yours baby!!!


Wait, maintenance. Okay. 900sf x 30sen (should be more) will be rm270

Keep counting... 

Rm 1,353,880 (including the first 100k) only... For a house of rm730k.

So you need rm100k + rm41796(1 year of installment to move in securely. In total rm141k!

Honestly, who have that cash on hand right now! For executive in age of 25-30, wanna get married anytime soon.

Well.. I check the renting price, rm2300 (haven't negotiate okay?) 

Renting is rm2300, paying installment is rm3213+270=rm3483.

Most of us (especially I'm a typical Chinese from kepong, well, I'm proud of being a kepongian!) will think, Aiyo, just rm1183 more I can own the house, and resell when the value shoot high high. 

We've missed something. 
Another 1.2k might sound a bit too light, but once if u sold it, where ya gonna live? Other property price won't go up? Siao ah! Then u need to get all the money u earn (so called earned la) pay the new down payment and continue paying higher monthly installment. Lol, isn't it ironic. It sounds like u gotta be the slave of your house till death.

Well. Going the renting route, rm2300, always sounds stupid (help ppl pay installment meh).

Let's see, you only need rm27.6k and you're on for this one year high end condo deal! VS 141k! (113.4k savings! You can start a very cool business wei with this cash)

Benefits :
1. You've a peace of mind of living there.
2. If you're not happy with the house you can feel free look around and move to another view, paying same rent.
3. You've no housing debt, awesome!!!
4. When you've no income, you just downsize and move back with parents. No one will call u ask for installment, or put u to bankruptcy! 
5. Overseas opportunity? Let's go! Leave a love note to your landlord.
6. Leaking or weird neighbors? Move la!
7. So stress free that u can focus on your family and career, super good!
8. You don't need to save up to rm141k bro!
9. You're so smart! You've no debt! Pay as u use! Like prepaid! Your land lord is paying so much more for u to enjoy this house!
10. You feels like a mat salleh!
11. You can understand why mat salleh can sing I believe I can fly! Because they taste more freedom than Asians!
12. When you die, you've no worry about the house. You landlord will, especially if you die in the house.
13. Your kids will be so excited! Daddy daddy! Where are we moving next year!!!
14. If you really have 141k? Awesome! Start a business! Do investment! Make more passive income!
15. You're so happy that can go drink latte with Vin Lim

So... Own or rent?

I think owning a property is awesome! But trying too hard to own a property really drive people nuts! Can't move on in life, stuck there finding money, enough money to get married and move in a proper house. Marriage isn't nothing about owning a house, marriage is about committed to live with each other, love each other until death. Focus!!! Not the dead-gonna-leak-have-problems-in-the-future house.

A secured house with awesome environment for newly weds? Just both of u! Soho is even cheaper!!! Go look around! 

When you're old, you might not own a house (I think you'll own a house with less debt because you've been focusing on career and family building), or own a house, you still die the same way, in the small small box, or small small pot (if you like flame).

But I bet you enjoy your honeymoon years with your wife, you children's childhood than you've forced yourself to getting enough money to pay crazy down payment and later high installments to feed the bank first, why feed the bank!? Feed your wife! Your child! Your dad! Your mom! Yourself! And don't forget your dog!

Let's focus to build happy marriage and family, not house installments. Cheers!

Vin, eyeing on westone condominium :-)


How to Know Yourself Better?

Well, as I'm talking about this, how to know yourself better.

It's actually not a deep question but do we really care about who we really are?

Forget about God created you, your parents raised you, your past life etc etc etc.

Do you really know, who you really are?

Imagine you are an iPod, do you think you know what you gonna do next?
Imagine you are a knife, do you think you know what you gonna cut or stab next?

Somehow, we are a little bit different from stuffs, even compared with animals...
We have thought, and intelligent (at least a bit) to differentiate, feel and express things.

So now I found the words Human Being is an amazing definition for human race,
we always intend to be somebody.

To be... my dad's son,
my friend's best friend,
my girl friend's best boy friend,
my pastor's best follower,
my dog's worst master
my niece's evil's uncle.

Waha, that starts to make some sense (some)

Sometimes, I just wanna become a Human Doing, so I can be iPod, to do what iPod does.
But the problem is... I don't even know I'm an iPod, really and iPod? iPhone, iPod touch, or Sony Walkman Megabass...

True true true, we don't know who we really are, so how to become human doing?

So we find examples or leaders to follow or imitate...

Some wanna be Lady Gaga, Miley, Bieber, Jay Chou (it was me), Walter Mitty, Willy Wonka, Lim Ngun Son (my dad), Jesus (come on, shut up, that's lv999), and so on...

Yea, I wanna be like Him, Mr. Christ.
That's what the bible taught, I take it's super cool to be like Him, but I'm still not Him.

I'm constantly inspired by leaders all around the world, my Dad, he's awesome in what he do best, Steve Jobs, I enjoy his bold-craziness, Gates, I love the way he gives, Tony Hsieh, I love how he deliver happiness, Ps. Shawn, I love how he manage his life so full and solid, Ps. Tim, I love his humor and being simple and faithful. JC Fun (my fiancee), she's awesomely discipline and getting things done and cares for her family so so so much. Jesus Christ, super-hero-2000-years-ago-defined-X'mas-O-Yea-and-still-defining.

In the end, I still dunno who I am until my death come, and I can only file myself, Vin Lim Chee Meang is a super-awesome-cool-dad-husband-son-friend-disciple-designer-entrepreneur-evangelist-joker-grandpa-boss-colleague-who-you-met...


I write spontaneously, now I know how to know who you really are.
Imagine you're floating on the middle of air, watching your funeral, think who you want them to be there, talking good/bad about you, laughing or crying or weeping or weeping real harddddd... (heard it from few awesome guys, but dunno who shared first or re-share first, well)

Define the summary of your life now...

Then you can start Human Being yourself.
The end of your life is who you really are, and only you know it best.

P/S :
*I thought delete some of my previous blogs, writing things that is so shallow low standard *wahaha*, to tailor my past, but I know I can't because it really happened, I was foolish, and now not any better I guess, but I enjoy, being me and facing my past, living the present, and excited about future.*

Spontaneously wrote with loves,

Vin Peaceman.